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Your Support Matters

Philanthropic support is more important than ever as the USGA focuses on advancing the game. Your gift enables us to become more resilient in delivering a thriving, welcoming and sustainable game now and in the future

Why Give to the USGA?

When you give to the USGA, you become part of a community of supporters who care deeply about the game and want to see it flourish for generations to come. Your donation is an investment in golf’s future allowing us to develop and grow programs and initiatives that drive the vitality of the game. The USGA is committed to engaging supporters to help strengthen and expand our impact.

There are many ways to give, and we hope you will choose one that is meaningful to you. Your generosity will help ensure the future of the game that we all love.

One-Time Gift

Help advance groundbreaking research, strengthen the USGA’s amateur golfer programs, celebrate the game’s many inspirational stories and memorable moments and deliver a thriving, welcoming, and sustainable game.

Monthly Giving

Recurring monthly gifts are an easy and impactful way to include the USGA in your charitable giving. Modest monthly donations have a sizeable impact over the course of a year and help us grow investments in programs and solutions that best serve golf for all who love and play it.

President's Circle

Recognizes supporters whose annual giving totals $1,000 or more in a calendar year through membership, philanthropy, or both. Supporters at the President’s Circle level make the USGA stronger and more resilient by helping fund programs and initiatives essential to golf’s future. President’s Circle members are celebrated through an honor roll featured in the USGA’s Golf Journal Magazine along with an exclusive, custom USGA President’s Circle bag tag.

Legacy Giving

Your legacy gift will enable the USGA to positively impact the game and create new opportunities for golf to grow and endure. Whether you put your gift to work today or defer benefits until after your lifetime, you will join a community of golfers who are passionate about the game and want to ensure its long-term health.

USGA Membership

For nearly 50 years, USGA Membership has been a direct and personal way for players and fans to give back to the game. The USGA needs more members like you-those with a passion for the game and a commitment to positive action to ensure that golf’s future is welcoming, sustainable, and thriving.

Donation FAQs

Are donations made to the USGA tax-deductible?

Yes, the USGA is a non-profit charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Monetary donations to the USGA are tax-deductible as long as no goods or services are provided in exchange for tax-deductible contributions.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes. All donations are acknowledged. Online transactions receive an email acknowledgment shortly after the transaction is complete. Donations made by phone or through the mail will receive an acknowledgment in the mail. Please be sure to keep the acknowledgment as your receipt.

How do I donate in honor or memory of someone?

It’s easy to celebrate the milestones of a friend or loved one by making a donation to the USGA Foundation in their honor or memory. The USGA will send a card to the person or family in whose name the donation was made. Simply contact Susan Wasser, Assistant Director, Gift Planning & Administration by email at or by phone at 908.234.2300 ext. 1949.

What assets can I use to make a gift to the USGA?

Whether you are making an outright gift or a legacy gift (bequest) in your will, the USGA welcomes many types of assets. Options include cash, publicly traded securities, non-publicly traded assets, real estate, retirement plans, life insurance policies and other possibilities. If you would like to learn more about USGA planned giving, please visit our website. It has many tools, resources and information to answer questions and help you formulate your plans or simply contact Susan Wasser, Assistant Director, Gift Planning & Administration by email at or by phone at 908.234.2300 ext. 1949.