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Join us as we:

  • Unify the golf community by connecting with those who love the game.
  • Showcase the best by setting the competitive standard for elite players at every level.
  • Govern the game with an unbiased perspective through a set of modern and clearly defined rules and standards that promote competitive balance and skill.
  • Advance the game by investing in the long-term sustainability of golf courses, building a junior and amateur development pipeline, and fostering a more welcoming and inclusive game.

The USGA is more than just golf’s governing body in the United States. We are the game’s most steadfast advocate and protector. Members help fund programs and initiatives that step up to both the challenges and opportunities facing golf and its future.

USGA Member

USGA Members are able to support our mission and enjoy the rewards of giving back to the game — including USGA Golf Journal and a personalized USGA Bag Tag.

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1894 Club

1894 Club Members are the foundation of USGA’s ability to steward golf in the United States and improve its play, popularity, inclusiveness, environmental impact and more. Named for USGA’s founding year, it includes all Basic Membership benefits plus the popular USGA U.S. Open Hat.

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Champion Club

Champion Club Membership provides opportunities for especially committed golfers to deepen their investment in USGA programs. Additional rewards include the colorful USGA Wall Calendar.

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Eagle Club

Eagle Club Members provide leadership support for USGA programs and initiatives. In appreciation for their exceptional commitment, their additional rewards include a 25% discount coupon at

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Medal Club

Medal Club Members are in the upper echelons of USGA supporters. They help set the pace of USGA’s forward-thinking programs and initiatives to secure and enhance golf’s future. In appreciation for their support, additional rewards include invitations to exclusive insider events.

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Honor Club

Honor Club Members distinguish themselves by making a major annual contribution to USGA programs, strengthening the organization to meet urgent challenges and seize emerging opportunities. They receive an additional gift as added recognition for their commitment.

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Patron Club

Patron Club Members are welcomed as part of the USGA President’s Circle with their membership. Their investment plays a critical role in the USGA’s stewardship of the game.  Patron Members receive a 20% discount off grounds tickets to select USGA championships, an additional branded gift and more.

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Patron Plus

Patron Plus is the highest level of USGA Membership.  Members at this level are also welcomed as part of the President’s Circle.  Patron Plus Members are offered the opportunity to attend select USGA Championships, where they can personally witness golf at its finest.

Members at this level receive complimentary tickets to select USGA championships as well as an additional branded gift.

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