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Become a USGA Member

Members help fund programs and initiatives that step up to both the challenges and opportunities facing golf and its future. Join us today as we:

  • Unify the golf community by connecting with those who love the game.
  • Showcase the best by setting the competitive standard for elite players at every level.
  • Govern the game with an unbiased perspective through a set of modern and clearly defined rules and standards that promote competitive balance and skill.
  • Advance the game by investing in the long-term sustainability of golf courses, building a junior and amateur development pipeline, and fostering a more welcoming and inclusive game.

With the support of our members, we are investing in developing innovations to keep the game environmentally and financially stable while ensuring the golfer experience remains positive. We are also committed to enhancing the amateur game so it continues to provide an open opportunity for golfers to achieve greatness and inspire others. The USGA also celebrates and preserves the game’s remarkable and rich history through its extensive collections and programming at the USGA Golf Museum and Library.  Finally, membership is helping make golf more welcoming through creating opportunities for all who want to play the game.

Membership Benefits

With Our Thanks, All USGA Members Receive:

Member Bag Tag

The USGA Member bag tag serves as a symbol of one’s love and dedication to the game. It shows your commitment to helping ensure golf has a strong future.

Golf Journal Magazine

Quarterly issues of Golf Journal Magazine provide insightful coverage of the people, places and issues that shape the game.

Member E-Newsletter

Stories about the USGA’s mission to unify, showcase, govern and advance the game delivered straight to your inbox.


USGA Members receive 10% off purchases and additional special offers throughout the year.

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GOLF Magazine

NEW – Home delivery of all 8 issues of GOLF magazine and access to InsideGOLF.

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USGA Member

Show your support for the USGA’s mission and enjoy several special benefits of giving back to the game — including a personalized USGA Bag Tag and Golf Journal Magazine.

Individual Membership: $36  Dual Membership: $47
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1894 Club

Members of the 1894 Club, named for the USGA’s founding year, are committed to ensuring the game thrives for the next 20, 50 and even 100 years. 1894 Club members receive all USGA Member benefits plus the popular U.S. Open hat.

Individual Membership: $45  Dual Membership: $56

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Champion Club

Champion Club Members are inspired to support USGA programs and initiatives that strengthen and advance the game of golf. Additional rewards include the vibrant USGA Wall Calendar.

Individual Membership: $60    Dual Membership: $72
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Eagle Club

Eagle Club Membership is for supporters who are motivated to invest in the USGA’s mission at an even higher level. Added benefits include a 25% discount coupon towards a purchase at

Individual Membership: $100  Dual Membership: $125
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Medal Club

Medal Club Members join ranks with some of the USGA’s most significant contributors. Supporters at this level play a key role in moving forward the USGA’s innovative programs and initiatives in service to enriching golf’s future.

Individual Membership: $250  Dual Membership: $300
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Honor Club

Honor Club Members distinguish themselves by making a major annual contribution to USGA programs. They receive an additional branded gift with our thanks.

Individual Membership: $500  Dual Membership: $650
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Patron Club

Members of the Patron Club are welcomed as part of the USGA President’s Circle and receive a 20% discount off grounds tickets to select USGA championships plus an additional branded gift.

Individual Membership: $1500 Dual Membership: $1800
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Patron Plus Club

Patron Plus Club Membership recognizes the USGA’s most passionate and generous advocates. Supporters at this level also enjoy inclusion in the President’s Circle as well as opportunities to attend select USGA Championships and an additional branded gift.

Individual Membership: $4200 Dual Membership: $4200
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Active Military and Veterans: The USGA thanks you for your and service and has partnered with GOVX to offer discounted 1894 Club or Eagle Club Membership to Military members.
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Membership FAQs

When will I receive my benefits?

Your member benefits packages will be mailed within four to six weeks after your membership payment is received. For membership giving levels of Champion Club or higher the USGA Championship Calendar is shipped in the fall for the coming year’s championship season.

Why am I still getting renewal notices after I already renewed?

Many of our mailings are prepared in advance, and some members receive a notice after they have already sent in their renewal. If you have already renewed your membership, please disregard the notice. If you continue to receive notices, please contact our customer service department at 800-223-0041 to verify that we received your renewal. They will be happy to research the issue and get back to you promptly.

What is the difference between 'Individual' and 'Dual' memberships?

A dual membership covers two individual members within the same household. The member benefit package for both members ships to a single address. Purchasing a dual membership is less expensive than two individual memberships.

Is a Handicap Index® part of my membership?

A Handicap Index® is not a benefit of USGA Membership. Handicap Indexes are issued by private or public golf clubs and authorized golf associations. To get a Handicap Index please visit

16th Hole of Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in Southern Pines, N.C.